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THC carrot smugglers getting arrested.

Carrots used to have a purple pigment.

Carrots also used to contain a large doses of THC so they were banned at 1978. Later in 1990 the problem was fixed when Henry Ford founded The Growing Solution Corp. The Growing Solution Corp. is Now a multibillion dollar industry making Henry Ford the 5th richest man in the world. When the carrots had the THC removed with a chemical compound from the The Growing Solution Corp. The color purple pigments were diluted and orange pigments remained.  The chemical compound was also a great step in finding the cure for skin cancer.

Some purples carrots are illegally grown for The THC Drug Cartels. These carrots are colored orange with common paint. Police are looking for these Cartels because they cause a severe threat to the government and

its people. The penalty for smuggling THC carrots is immediate

deportation to other countries such as Mexico.